“Jessi has been my therapist for eight years. I love getting massages, and I prefer a deep-tissue technique that gets after those aches and pains that stem from an active life. In Jessi, I’ve found a therapist with amazing technique. She can zero-in on the muscle groups that need attention with expert hands. She is always consistent, even if she’s delivered multiple massages before my appointment. I’ve never been a fan of a light-touch massage, which I refer to as “fluff and buff,” and I guarantee that you won’t get that treatment from her. She does not disappoint! I have weekly appointments with her, and I look forward to her incredible hands. I’ve seen other massage therapists over the years, but none are as skilled and thorough as Jessi. I highly recommend her to all of my friends!”
-Jen S.

“A massage that ‘treats’ your body like a medical prescription and also like a gift to yourself—that’s how I would describe a massage from my friend Jessi at Active Body Dynamics. The name of her business alludes to her craft. She really knows muscles, tendons, joints, and positioning. When she is finished with my massage, I feel adjusted, relieved, stretched, and balanced. I no longer get a massage just because I want to pamper myself. I see Jessi for regular massages because they are a part of my health and overall well-being.”
-Wendy V.